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Critical Thinking sites:

These sites discuss critical thinking and common errors in reasoning.

The Critical Thinking Community
While perhaps the most widely referenced site on critical thinking, the style of the above site is far too dry and academic for my taste.

Wikipedia entries for logical fallacies and cognitive biases:


This is a site that addresses the importance of  critical thinking for improving society, a very important but rarely stated motivation for critical thinking.


Skepticism Sites:

Skeptical writers are usually concerned with making arguments against supernatural and sensational claims, while in this site I try to avoid taking sides on controversial issues such as these.  However skeptics also often address the problems of evaluating evidence for claims and why people believe them.  I am including only this one link for now, since this site contains a list of other skeptical links which is far better than I would be able to provide.

Skeptical Information


Information about Urban Legends

This is a great site that checks into all kinds of stories, rumors, hoaxes and scams.  It is fascinating reading, and is the first place to check when you hear some frightening or shocking story that seems suspiciously extreme.  Always check Snopes before passing on email scare stories.


Avoiding Misleading Political Arguments (Spin)

This site has information countering some of the false and misleading statements made by politicians and the press.


This site has information about candidates and elected officials

Project Vote Smart

Sites linking to Responsible Thinking:


Professor Tangent

This site has lots of opportunities for mental exercise.