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Swamped by Bull!

TV commercials. Negative political campaigns. Telemarketing. Advertising mailings that pretend to be express mail or governments documents. Being told you may have already won a lot of money. Uniforms of Olympic athletes covered with advertising. Pop-up ads on the internet. Ads on cereal boxes. Ads on tee shirts. Ads on cable TV used in schools. Preachers who promise blessings if you send them money.  People who get promotions because of politics instead of performance. People who get jobs because their resumes stretch the truth. Infomercials. Religious cults. Tabloids. College bands that can't play during a timeout because a lottery commercial is running on the Pepsi scoreboard.  Phony psychics. Diet fads. Con artists. The fourth of July fireworks, introduced by the President, brought to us by Coca-Cola.